Rusty Moore Visual Impact Muscle Building Rules

–> Where are actors like Daniel Craig, Ryan Reynolds on this scale?
–> What about actresses like Jessica Alba or Jennifer Garner?

This is a good intro to decide how build muscle you want to get and the pics after that will show you how to get that muscle building. Cheers, Rusty Moore Official WebPage – I share with you some more pics in next blog post (I talk about this in detail because it makes a HUGE difference).

Rusty Moore Muscle Building Rules – I’m convinced that abs have slightly different rules than other body parts. If you spend 1-2 years improving your mind-to-muscle link and increasing density to your abs, you can maintain your abs with very little work. A prime example of this is Franco Columbu.

In his bodybuilding days, Franco did zero direct abs work but my guess is that he built up base abs muscles when he first started lifting. I read an article in an 80’s issue of Muscle and Fitness where Franco explained that he squeezed his abs when he performed other lifts. This ability to easily contract a muscle hard is the result of a strong mind-to-muscle link.

Once you develop this ability to contract your abs hard, you can maintain exceptional abs definition with very little effort as long as your abs isn’t covered with a large amount of body fat. If you haven’t developed a strong mind to muscle link in the abs spend the next 6-12 months going through my Visual Impact Muscle building Program.


Rusty Moore Muscle Building Program

Rusty Moore muscle building Program is for you to master the exact methods to have the best abs of your life. This is a Results Oriented program. This program could have added fluff and filler and expanded it to more than 100 pages, but Rusty Moore Goal was to simply teach you how to get amazing abs following the most direct route.

Fitness expert Rusty Moore suggestion is to first read the entire course in its entirety. After you read it once, go back & choose one of the 5 workouts. Take a “Before” photo with your cell phone camera. Get mentally prepared and excited for your workout! I suggest starting this As Soon As Possible. At first hanging leg raises can feel like they are working your arms and shoulders more than your abs.

(Don’t worry this is a common thing that happens at first. Soon this won’t be an issue at all. In a few weeks this will be second nature to you) Anyway, I just wanted to “Welcome” you to this program. Note: I will send the occasional e-mail to ensure you get the most out of this program. More detailed information can be found at Rusty Moore Visual Impact Muscle Building Program.

Hey Guys, I am sure you have had a chance to read “Rusty Moore Visual impact muscle building program”. I wanted to followup with some images to help you get muscle building. So you can actually see the dense abs that the program develops. –> The difference between “Cut”, “Defined”, “Ripped”, etc.